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Come visit breathtaking Bainbridge Island for the ultimate wellness experience. From our sauna cabin to our detox foot soak, our revolutionary treatments will promote weight loss, purify your body, improve circulation, reduce stress, and improve sleep.

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Relax and renew your mind and body in our newly renovated space. Try our innovative infrared sauna wraps or detoxify in our cozy, private cabin. Other offerings include our relaxing and invigorating Ionic Foot Soak and our healing Lymphatic Therapy treatment. Whichever treatment you choose, Island Sweat offers a serene, restorative experience.

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About Island Sweat

The infrared heat is known to penetrate the body more deeply and release toxins more effectively than traditional saunas, as well as providing a more comfortable experience. At Island Sweat, we offer a relaxing environment that will soothe both body and mind.

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As a person with joint problems like I have, Island Sweat is a great addition to my healthcare team! I used the Foot Soak and the Infrared Wrap. I noticed an immediate improvement in my range of motion and muscle tension!
Your kind, knowledgeable staff and customizable services made for a great experience. Thank you all for your help!

Quinn, Bremerton