Lymphatic Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that helps to slim and detoxify, while improving circulation and reducing pain, swelling and water retention. It is used to unblock and enhance the flow of the lymphatic system; the network of organs and vessels that circulate body fluids throughout our body to play a significant part in our immune system. The flow of lymph fluid can become congested as proteins and toxins become trapped around the cells and resulting in the lymphatic flow becoming sluggish and slow.

How does it work?

Lymphatic Therapy is performed using a lymphatic slimming suit comprised of individual compartments and the use of pressured air. As the air is pumped through the compartments, pressure is firmly applied to certain areas of the body to encourage the lymphatic flow. Lymphatic compression is the perfect treatment to follow cellulite, inch loss and fat reduction treatments to enhance the results.

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More information on Lymphatic Therapy (sometimes referred to as Lymphatic Drainage) can be found by viewing the video below.

The Lymphatic Therapy was an unexpected surprise since I suffer from chronic pain. I followed the session with the Infrared Wrap. During the sessions I was relieved from any pain. After the session I could stand straighter and my balance was much better, and I felt more relaxed. I have always relied on weekly massage to help manage my pain, yet this experience was immediate. I will continue these sessions in hopes of having the pain relief last longer each time I have a session. For me, the membership is well worth the money.

D. Cederwall, Bainbridge Island