What is the difference between our infrared sauna treatment and our infrared sauna wrap? The simple answer: the heat source. The infrared heat therapy used in infrared sauna wraps is similar to that used by infrared sauna cabins, but differs in wavelength.

Deep Penetrating Heat

Studies show that infrared heat can penetrate up to 1-to-3 inches below your skin, deep into the muscular tissue and ligaments. The infrared sauna wrap offers a close range of infrared rays, with temperature control over the whole body.  This makes infrared body wrap treatments highly effective.

The infrared sauna wrap treatment provides the same great benefits as the sauna cabin treatment, such as weight loss, muscle relief, stress relief, the elimination of toxins, as well as skin and immune improvements. You can read more about these great benefits on our Why Sweat page.

How to Choose?

So which treatment is right for you? It depends. Here are some of the differences in experience between the infrared sauna wrap and the infrared sauna cabin.

  • An infrared sauna wrap can allow the client or patient to lay down and relax as they are enveloped in infrared heat.
  • During an infrared sauna wrap, the participant can enjoy the benefits of infrared saturation while their lungs breath cooler air.
  • Infrared heat seems to be more effective when it does not have to travel through as much space to reach the body. This means more energy and more sweat.
  • Clients can withstand a longer session, enabling them to produce greater amounts of sweat and achieve their goals.

Both the infrared sauna cabin and wrap treatments provide great health benefits. You may decide to try both to see what works best for your body. Which you decide on may simply come down to personal preference.